Allotments Regeneration Initiative - Aims:
  • Support and develop allotments regeneration and the creation of brand new allotment sites in the UK
  • Gather and disseminate information about good practice in allotments management
  • Maintain and develop profile of allotments with public and government
  • Encourage sustained devolved management by allotment associations as the primary volunteer and community-based actor in allotment regeneration


National Chrysanthemum Society - The special object of the Society shall be to promote the cultivation of the Chrysanthemum:

  • by means of exhibitions, conferences, Judges courses and lectures
  • by awarding Certificates of Merit and Medals at exhibitions of the society
  • by the issue of such publications as from time to time may be deemed necessary


National Dahlia Society - are now a registered charity, which seeks to promote the dahlia by means of exhibitions (shows), trials and conferences


National Society of Allotments & Gardeners Limited - is owned, managed and funded by its members to protect, promote and preserve allotments for future generations to enjoy


National Vegetable Society (NVS) - is a registered charity dedicated to advancing the culture, study and improvement of vegetables offering help and advice to novice and expert show grower alike


The PROSPECTS Foundation - Hyndburn's communiy-owned environmental charity


Royal National Rose Society - Today, the objectives of the Society, which is a registered charity, are to encourage, improve and extend the science, art and practice of the cultivation and conservation of roses and to disseminate knowledge of roses and rose growing both in the garden and in the environment by means of education, training, trials, publications, promotion of display gardens, the holding and regulation of shows, scientific research and international co-operation


Useful Links


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